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Are you planning on moving your family in or out of Mayo, MD? You'll need a reliable moving company to help you with your plans. Movers USA is a full service company which can handle all phases of your move. We offer packing, crating, moving and storage. Call Movers USA or click the estimate button for your free estimate and we'll take care of the rest.

Have you read the history of Mayo, MD? Well, here is a brief summary for your pleasure. A Brief History of Mayo, Maryland For centuries the Chesapeake Bay and its many estuaries have been this area's livelihood, though she is showing signs of damage from the constant withdrawal of her treasures. Local watermen still use the Bay for their livelihood, but many watermen must supplement their income with part-time trades to make up for the smaller harvests and dramatic fluctuations in the health and production of sealife in the Bay. Our Chesapeake Bay's seafood has long been recognized as some of the finest in the US. With the advent of the automobile and fast, new interstate highways, our area became a full-time suburbia for our two closet major cities: Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland starting in the 1960s. Because the original homes built here were not four season homes, many of the original cottages in the area had little to no insulation or heating systems. Many had very little closet space and most had screened-in porches because they were not designed for "all-season" living. When you brought family and freinds down to stay at your cottage, you would open the windows and air-out your cottage and if you had indoor plumbing you would turn on the water pump and fill the "winterized" water system. If you had power to your cottage you would install the fuses, test them and then survey your cottage for any winter damage. In the "Sailing Capital of the World", boats of many types are sold, traded, bartered and leased to some of the most powerful people in the world. Many people in our area love boating so much that they live on their crafts all year long - it makes sense when you think that many of these boats cost more than some of our residences in our area.

Movers-USA are in the business of moving PEOPLE, not just FURNITURE. We are not only committed to excellent service and professionalism, but attaining the goal of exceeding customer satisfaction! Our objective is to remove the stress and complications that can occur with any moving process. As a family owned company we treat our customers like extended family members. We strive for a moving experience unlike any other. “
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