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Moving into or out of Lisbon, MD? Let Movers USA help you with your move. We can help you each step of the way to make your move an easy time. Please click here to obtain an estimate from one of our moving consultants. A Brief History of Lisbon, Maryland Lisbon was founded in the early 1800ís as a farming village and supply depot, and served as a way station for stagecoach and wagon travelers journeying on the Old Frederick Turnpike. Lisbon lies approximately 15 miles west of Ellicott City straddling a road, now Route 144, carved about 1797 by the Ellicott brothers to reach the markets of Frederick, Hagerstown, and later as the "Great Western Turnpike" to Cumberland. Though the Ellicotts erected several log cabins for storage at milepost 15, Caleb Pancoast is credited with founding the town. He built the first house in Lisbon, probably about 1810. The 27 mile stone turnpike marker from Baltimore still stands just east of town. Lisbon eventually boasted blacksmith and wheelwright shop, a general store and post office as well as a proud tradition for self-sufficiency. It continued to grow in size, not far behind Ellicottís Mills, Elkridge, and Savage. In its heyday Lisbon was also a resort town. The extension of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in the 1830ís provided vacationers a means to escape the cityís heat in the cool Howard County countryside. Ellicott City, Sykesville, then Lisbon became popular summer resorts. But rooms for boarders on nearby farms were limited. A new owner of the Pancoast property built a sizable addition to the little house, and opened Lisbonís first and only resort hotel.

Movers-USA are in the business of moving PEOPLE, not just FURNITURE. We are not only committed to excellent service and professionalism, but attaining the goal of exceeding customer satisfaction! Our objective is to remove the stress and complications that can occur with any moving process. As a family owned company we treat our customers like extended family members. We strive for a moving experience unlike any other. “
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