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Moving - Colesville, Maryland Moving into or out of Colesville, MD? Let Movers USA help you with your move. We can help you each step of the way to make your move an easy time. Please click here to obtain an estimate from one of our moving consultants. To inform you Colesville, MD, here is a brief history you can read that will give you a glimpse into the past of the community. A Brief History of Colesville, Maryland The earliest landowners in what was to become Colesville were speculators, willing to sell their holdings for whatever purpose would bring them the greatest return. Their primary interest in the natural resources was timber, grasslands and water. They paid particular attention to the availability of streams for navigation because roads were nonexistent. They also had water power in mind for the construction of mills. However, they did not directly change the environment. This was left to the settlers, who came in to establish farms. The early frontier family had a log building to store and preserve meat. When hogs, deer, or bears were butchered in the fall, the meat was laid on a shelf at the far end of the building. It was cured by covering each layer with a thick coat of imported salt. To protect it from "varmints" and keep it dry, the cured meat was hung from poles that spanned the interior of the meat house. Other buildings on the farmstead included a log springhouse that protected the drinking water supply. Evaporation from the running water cooled the air to keep melons, sweet milk and crocks of buttermilk for days. Still other buildings included a blacksmith shop and sheds for livestock and for drying tobacco, the most important cash crop. Also a barn with stalls and hay mow to house oxen, horses and cattle would be added. Essential to the food supply was a dairy cow for milk and butter.

Movers-USA are in the business of moving PEOPLE, not just FURNITURE. We are not only committed to excellent service and professionalism, but attaining the goal of exceeding customer satisfaction! Our objective is to remove the stress and complications that can occur with any moving process. As a family owned company we treat our customers like extended family members. We strive for a moving experience unlike any other. “
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