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If you have chosen to move into or out of Bladensburg, MD, we can help you with your plans. Movers USA is a full service company; we offer packing, crating, moving and storage to fit your needs. We are local and have an excellent reputation in the State of Maryland. A Brief History of Bladensburg, Maryland An immigrant who earned his passage to the Colonies as an indentured servant in the middle 1600's at one time owned the land which became Garrison's Landing, now the Town of Bladensburg. In 1718, a Presbyterian church was erected on land just south of Garrison's Landing. The land had been set aside for just such a purpose by Ninian Beall, himself a staunch Presbyterian. George Washington reportedly stayed there on his way to the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774 and again in 1790. The tavern, which changed hands a number of times, counted as its guests over the years such other notables as John C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay and Commodore Stephen Decatur. It is also said that men who traveled from Virginia and Washington in the early 1800's sometimes spent the night there in order to arrive at the nearby Bladensburg Dueling Ground (located in what is now Colmar Manor) at the break of dawn to settle affairs of honor. One such duel in 1820 was between Decatur and James Barron, and resulted in Decatur's death. Dueling was outlawed by Congress in 1839, although duels continued to be fought in the "Bladensburg" Dueling Grounds until after the Civil War. Cannon balls from the Battle of Bladensburg in 1814 are said to be embedded in the walls of the George Washington House, which still stands today.

Movers-USA are in the business of moving PEOPLE, not just FURNITURE. We are not only committed to excellent service and professionalism, but attaining the goal of exceeding customer satisfaction! Our objective is to remove the stress and complications that can occur with any moving process. As a family owned company we treat our customers like extended family members. We strive for a moving experience unlike any other. “
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