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Are you planning to relocate in or out of Accokeek, MD, soon? Are you looking for a quality local moving company to handle your move? You have found one in Movers USA. We are a full service company which can take over your move and make it an easy task. Movers USA moving consultants are moving experts and can handle the relocation for you. Call Movers USA or click the estimate botton for your free estimate and we will take care of the rest.

Included is a brief history of Accokeek, MD, which may be of interest to you. Hard Bargain Farm, Accokeek, Maryland According to Alice L. L. Ferguson: "All old Maryland places have names and we knew that ours must have one too, but the real estate agent ignored all questions. When we signed the deed we saw it for the first time. We were the owners of Hard Bargain. It is rather a nice name after you get used to it, but it is no name to use when you've taken apples to market. About 1800 someone had only dower rights to the farm but sold it just the same. In the course of time the unlucky purchaser found he did not own the place and had to buy it again. The only time we resented the name was many years later when we had a station wagon marked Hard Bargain. We discovered that everyone thought the perfectly good station wagon was no good and that we had named it in the same way that college boys call their forlorn jalopies lemons."

Movers-USA are in the business of moving PEOPLE, not just FURNITURE. We are not only committed to excellent service and professionalism, but attaining the goal of exceeding customer satisfaction! Our objective is to remove the stress and complications that can occur with any moving process. As a family owned company we treat our customers like extended family members. We strive for a moving experience unlike any other. “
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