Chose the right mover

Once you know the type of move you are planning and the services you want the mover to provide, How do you choose the right mover?

These tips can help:

• Know who will perform your move. Make sure that the company you hire for your move will be the same company that actually performs your move. Some movers, particularly during the busy summer season, may schedule more work than they are capable of handling. As a result, they may turn your move over to another company - a company that you have not researched.

• Check the reputation of the company. How long have they been in business? Is the company a member of their state moving and storage association or the American Moving &Storage Association, (703) 683-7410, In Maryland, MMTA’s Maryland Movers Conference is made up of moving companies located throughout the state. To find out if a company is a Maryland Movers Conference member, or if MMTA has received any complaints against a company, call (410) 644-4600. Get a recommendation –a satisfied friend or customer is the best resource.

• Make sure the mover’s place of business actually exists. If you are having the mover store your goods, can you visit the mover’s warehouse? Beware of companies that provide no physical business address or won’t allow you to view their facilities.

• Understand the value of technology. With the rise of the internet, rogue companies are able to solicit more customers than ever before.

• Check to see that the mover is proper licensed. For intrastate moves, some states require movers to be licensed and regulated by a government agency. Maryland has no formal licensing requirements for intrastate moves, however movers must abide by any applicable consumer protection laws. ALL movers that perform interstate moves must be licensed by the United States Department of Transportation. Check the agency’s website at

• Once you’ve chosen your mover, schedule your move as early as possible. The time of the month/year may affect the price of the move. There is a higher demand for moving services at the end of the month and/or during the summer.