Moving trucks and trailers

Movers USA uses a growing fleet of custom built late model trucks and trailers.

relocation van line trailer

Our trucks are equipped with all the “bells and whistles” that are needed to make our job easier and help keep your precious cargo safe:

1. Air ride – All of our moving trucks are equipped with air ride cushions to help reduce movement in our cargo area.

2. Extra-large cargo box: Our custom built moving cargo boxes are made to allow for maximum space for your cargo.

3. Additional side doors – help us unload from both sides not only from the back of the truck.

4. GPS tracking – Help us track our truck in real time, and prevent confusion.

5. E track – custom built strapping to prevent cargo shifting inside the truck.

6. High end truck vinyl wraps – Because we like to look good.

7. Lift gate – Some of our trucks have a hydraulic- lift to help with very heavy lifting.

relocation van line

Different truck and trailer sizes we offer:

* Pack van – 16 ft or 18 ft truck. Mainly used for packing jobs or very small shipments.

* 26’ Truck – Medium duty trucks, mainly used for local moving, this is our most common truck.

* 30’ truck – Medium/Heavy duty truck – Used for larger homes, or long distance moving.

* Tractor trailers – Heavy duty trucks vary in length, from 40 ft trailers to 53’ trailers, are made for very large jobs or for interstate moving.

* Flat bed trailers are available for shed moving, and/or custom oversized materials.

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