Moving Special Items

Antique Furniture

Your antiques are important and valuable. With your big move is coming, who can you trust to move your irreplaceable treasures?

When you need a mover in Maryland, DC or VA to transport antique furniture, you can’t just trust any moving company- you have to use a pro.

Plenty of movers will say they specialize in moving antiques, but Movers USA is one of few movers who truly has a proven track record of safe and efficient relocation of precious valuables. The safety of your antiques is our No. 1 priority, whether we’re moving your fine art, storing it or both.

Movers USA employs a full arsenal of professionals – perfected over decades that get the job done safer and more efficiently than anyone else. Secured storage facilities, custom built moving vehicles, resources and experienced relocation professionals come together to ensure that every special-services project exceeds the client’s expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Stop worrying about how you’re going to move your fine antiques collection, get in touch with one of our certified personal relocation consultants, and let Movers USA take care of all your moving needs.


Auto Transport

Many customers who are moving out of state need help with transporting their vehicles.

In some cases it pays to ship your vehicle in our moving vans, but, in most cases it is more economical to use a car carrier rather than a mover. Also, car carriers are made to transport cars, whereas moving trucks are made to transport furniture and boxes.

Movers USA works with several car carriers and our relocation specialists will be happy to help you shop for a carrier upon request. In many cases we are able to find a better rate for your car shipping since we apply our vendor discount to you.

If you need to ship your vehicle ask your relocation specialist to help shop for the best price.


Commercial Moves

Movers USA specialize in Commercial Moves of all types and sizes, from one office to an entire building of offices.

We understand that when undergoing a commercial move, timing, experience and professionalism is crucial to the success of the move.

To assure the move goes as smoothly as possible, Movers USA professional moving team will work tirelessly to orchestrate even the most complicated of moves.

We take all aspects of the move into consideration, such as maintaining productivity and protecting valuable equipment.

Movers USA is equipped with the following in order to get you back up and running as quickly as possible:

* Experienced, certified Movers able to handle the psychical aspect of any heavy lifting required for office equipment.

We take a “from top to bottom” approach with all Commercial Moves, whether it be an Office, Medical Clinic, Grocery Store or Museum, all aspects of the move are customized to make sure each and every requirement is met and expectations are exceeded.


Fine Art

Your fine art collection is expensive – maybe priceless. But it has an even larger sentimental value that can’t be counted in dollars.

Now that you’re moving, who can you trust with this exceptional collection? Lots of moving companies claim to be “experts” and make all kinds of promises – but only Movers USA has the experience and expertise you want when it comes to your most valuable items. The safety of your valuables is our No. 1 priority, and after nearly three decades of solid work, our reputation in this regard speaks for itself.

Whether moving your fine art, storing it or both, Movers USA employs a full arsenal of professional resources that get the job done faster, safer and more efficiently than anyone else. Whether you’re taking your artworks across town, across the country, or around the world, the relocation experts at Movers USA will help you rest easy. Get your free instant estimate now, and let our certified personal relocation consultants explain in detail how we’ll get your precious treasure where it needs to go.


Piano movers

Your piano is one of your most valuable possessions – and one of your biggest moving challenges. Particular expertise is required.

Immense weight and cumbersome shapes make piano-moving one of the toughest gigs in the entire relocation industry, but Movers USA knows this song very well. We’ve been safely and efficiently relocating pianos of all shapes and sizes for nearly three decades, following our own special protocols and procedures to ensure the prized instruments continue making sweet music for years to come.

Temperature-controlled vehicles and storage facilities keep the piano’s wood from warping, while our fine-tuned trucks minimize the shakes and rumbles, keeping your finely tuned instrument in perfect condition, no matter how far your move takes you. Get an instant free estimate now and discuss the options with one of our certified personal relocation consultants. When it comes to moving or storing your piano, hit all the right notes – trust the specially trained experts at Movers USA to get the job done!