Moving Protection

For years Movers USA has one of the lowest claims to moves ratio in the industry.

Here at Movers USA we take extra care in handling, packing, and moving your home or business. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try things happen that are out of our control. That’s why we offer different levels of coverage, or protection for your belongings. There are many different ways to go about coverage in case of damage or loss, here are the four most common options:

Released Value Protection: Released value protection offers you payout at a specific rate, depending on the weight of your belongings. Movers USA offers released value protection of “$0.60 per lb. per article”. This is a free option and it limits coverage to $0.60 per lb. of the item that got damaged or lost. This is a limited liability option. Example: If a $100 chair weighs 10 lbs. and breaks during a move, under this option you will get 10x $0.60 = $6.00.

Full Value Protection: Full value protection is based on the actual valuation of your belongings which will be moved, or, the total shipment weight x $6 per lb. should any item get damaged beyond repair, the company will cover you for cost of replacement. This is a paid option and your relocation specialist will price it for you. Example: If a $100 chair weighs 10 lbs. and breaks beyond repair – Movers USA will pay $100 to replace said chair.

Third party Insurance policy: As an A+ rated moving company, Movers USA works with Insurance underwriters to get you a certificated insurance policy. Some people find certificated Insurance policies better than Valuation coverage as they are governed by the insurance commissioner. If this option is best for you we can help you with the process.

Homeowners Insurance: Got a home insurance policy? Some of these do cover your move, and if that is the case, there may not be any need for you to a buy a separate policy. Get more details about the maximum limits and covered situations, and decide if these are appropriate for you.